About Us

Our Culture

If we had to sum up what makes us special, it would have to be our culture. In an industry where people move on quickly, we’ve built a happy team who grow with us.

We might be tech experts, but we’re people first and foremost, and we bring this human approach to our work for you.

We give people the freedom to be creative, to ask questions, and explore different solutions. Our baked-in autonomy means that we don’t just come up with the easiest solution for you – we find the best one.

It also means that we offer genuine value to our clients, while being a pleasure to work with. We believe that this is why people come back to us, again and again.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the way the world looks through the software engineering industry.

Our services help to empower people and create environments where they have the freedom to explore their creativity and develop solutions that change the world for the better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to realize the full potential of our clients’ businesses by solving complex problems with technology. We approach every project with honesty, creativity, transparency and curiosity. Our baked-in autonomy culture creates an environment that delivers accurate software solutions with full ownership.

Our Locations

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

We’re perfectly placed for our ambitions as Porto is Europe’s third fastest-growing tech hub. In 2018, more than US$ 400 million was invested in Porto (up from US$15 million in 2017).

The number of programmers in Portugal in 2018 also grew by 16,2% the fastest growth rate in Europe (the European average was 4,2%). In the same year, tech employment in Europe grew by 1,1% - to compare, in Portugal, it grew by 6,4%.

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

London is an important global tech hub. According to industry group Tech Nation, the UK has now created more unicorns (tech companies valued at more than $1bn), than any other country except the US and China. So it's a natural fit for us to have a presence in the capital.

Łódź, Poland

Łódź, Poland

Poland is fast becoming one of Europe's most developed and popular tech hubs. According to Nasdaq, VC investment in the country's startups reached €294 million in 2019 - that's more than in the nine years beforehand combined.

The Team

Pedro Morgado

A born entrepreneur, he loves developing people, teams and scalable software solutions. Besides his daily job with our partners and clients, he's always looking to find a spare time to put his hands under the code.


Tomás "Tommy" Moniz

His mission is to help the tribe and each member to develop, towards autonomy, respecting each person as a whole human being.

IT Specialist & Partner

André Barbosa

Primarily focused on Backend development, occasionally touching upon frontend and infrastructure, he turns complex problems into elegant solutions.

Software Engineer

Eduardo Martins

Proficient and happy to look after the client- or server-side development. A real fan of architect web applications, APIs, databases and creating the design of a website. Always ready to help his crewmates.

Full-Stack Engineer

João “Johnny” Costa

Data and parkour lover. Even if sometimes he might slip a joke about java boys, he provides the fullest of stacks, from system architecture and database design to de-spaghetti-fying completely broken webapps.

Software Engineer, Jack of All Technical Trades

Miguel Madureira

At his best when choosing the best among various solutions, through careful analysis. Likes challenges that enable him to learn or develop skills, or help others understand problems better.

Software Engineer, Mambo

Ricardo Oliveira

A lover of philosophy and logic, constantly looking to transpose the principles of stoicism and puzzle-solving from personal life into his professional one. An avid listener trying to bridge what is communicated with what was left unsaid, to create the most adequate solution to the problems faced.

Software Engineer & Product Owner

Wiktoria Buzak

Always happy to help people. Dealing with recruitment and development processes, she takes care of our lovely Tribe's well-being. Besides work in love with the sun and passionate about social psychology.

Human Caretaker

Jorge Castro

He can lose track of time when he's fine-tuning his CSS, thinking about the right semantic tag for the HTML or how long is too long for a variable name in JavaScript. You can find him also at the beach, catching some sweet waves with a bodyboard.

Frontend Engineer

Diogo Pinela

Enjoys building simple, elegant software, with a keen eye for details and a continuous desire to understand how and why things work the way they do.

Software Engineer

Luis Freitas

Cat dad and clean freak extraordinaire. Loves his one-liners, be it in comedy or elegant software design. A mathematician at heart, logic is his religion and shows a preference for backend development, supported by strong foundations in Computer Science topics.

Software Engineer

Ricardo Borga

Has an unparalleled love for bug squashing, making him best rubber ducky alive. His love for every bit of the stack drives him to learn something new everyday. Always ready for a joke and a laugh with everybody.

Software Engineer

Alexander Lastovski

Designing and connecting Blockchain solutions with the team of experts, matching the skills of the founders to the Crypto Market, building tools for gold rush miners of a modern era, helping businesses to address the FOMO of the Blockchain revolution.

Blockchain Solution Architect

Nuno Leite

Loves sports and drinks at sunset. Passionate about working on scalable and resilient applications, with a clear preference for backend development. An information security enthusiast with a profound interest in the applications of blockchain technology.

Software Engineer

João Fernandes

Resourceful software engineer keeping up with the latest technologies and trends. Primarily, was developing live process management applications for major insurance and financial companies. Currently more focused on frameworks like React and Node.js in the development of web applications to solve real-world problems.

Full-stack engineer

Reevu Adhikary

Extremely passionate about astrophysics, game theory and consumer behaviour. An advocate of simplicity, a fan of converting complex features into understandable user stories and American IPA beers.

Product Owner

Gonçalo Almeida

A lifelong hands-on learner always keen to know more and get things done as they should be. During his work time fully goal-oriented, in his free time a "Magic the gathering" nerd.

Software Engineer

Jorge Gonçalves

Cycling lover always waiting for a good challenge. He likes to find the simplest solutions and make them easy to maintain in the long term. He carefully analyses the correct approaches so he can apply the right patterns. For him, the important thing is that anyone can work in any area of a project.

Software Engineer

Leonel Sá

An avid gamer with a huge technology curiosity. Takes forever to fine-tune CSS but loves to solve logic problems using the latest and simplest methodologies and is always ready for new challenges.

Software Engineer

Vasco Simões

Jack of all trades, loves everything related to tech and science. Software developer by day, electronics and 3D printer enthusiast by night. He can adapt to new technologies and new projects smoothly and he is eager to learn more and more.

Software Engineer

Imari Nkenge-Hinds

An avid sportsman, when he's not recruiting and taking care of the "Tribe," clients, and partners, enjoys chess, foreign languages, provocative humor, and traveling. Feels at home when meeting, chatting, and connecting with people. Loves working from the office as this gives him all of the above.

Human Caretaker

Bruno Rocha

Passionate about fresh ideas, music and nature. Always keen to learn and improve. Recently, decided to put his focus on DevOps and loved it.

Software Engineer

Alexander Malyshev

Ex-backend and desktop developer that someday wanted to try smart contract development and did not regret. DApp warrior that worked with a lot of different blockchains and technologies. Really into music, cooking Italian dishes, repairing gadgets and building crypto-future for the whole humanity.

Smart Contract Developer

Pedro Dias

Joking his main job is to pretend he knows what the user wants, he's able to build a usable user interface and implement even 1000 changes requested by the client.

Frontend Engineer