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Agile Software Engineering

Achieve your goals fast and efficiently with Agile Software Engineering that focuses on an iterative and collaborative software development approach that delivers value quickly and continuously.

Depending on the projects’ needs and requirements, it can be lean software development, Scrum, Kanban or other agile methodology.

Similarly to the approach, our methodology constantly adjusts to the projects and our clients’ needs.

Engineering Team Extension

Extend your current in-house team or build an external one from scratch. Our experts will seamlessly blend into your business, adapting to your culture and enhancing your capabilities.

We can be a part of your software development discussions and meetings while participating and actively contributing to your product technology innovation and its success in the markets.

Systems Scalability

Scale up or shrink your existing software solutions to meet changing demands and keep your business flourishing. Optimise the functionalities and capacities of your systems and applications.

Technical Team Setup

Assemble a team of highly skilled software engineers in less than two weeks. Software solution architects, product owners, senior and junior software engineers, and quality assurance engineers can be gathered together specifically for your project needs and requirements.

We will ensure that the project is staffed with a capable and efficient team to deliver high-quality software on time and within budget. Increasing the likelihood of project success and achieving your development goals.

Software Revamp

Set your legacy software for future success. Upgrade and modernise outdated systems by integrating the newest technologies. Reducing costs of support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Big Data & Data Science

Build a data management solution to organise information into well-structured datasets for advanced and predictive analytics. Get ahead of the competition and innovate your industry by collecting data that can resolve business issues and turn them into future profits.

Through reducing data management costs with high-quality architecture and supporting the development process with business intelligence.

Infrastructure Automation

Get full control of technology processes by atomising your IT systems. We can perform an extensive architecture assessment to structure an efficient improvement roadmap and implement it together.

Infrastructure automation brings new opportunities and possibilities to improve business operations and scale up businesses.

Technology Research

Get technology experts with decades of experience next to your shoulder who will assist you in choosing the right technologies for your specific business goals.

Attract new investments and validate ideas before funding projects to reduce risks and ensure your next strategic moves.

Roadmap Acceleration

Speed up the development of your technology by prioritising key features and streamlining the development process. We aim to identify the product's most critical features or components, allocate resources, and allocate the resources needed to deliver high quality in an efficient timeline.

Our Roadmap Acceleration is designed to reduce the time-to-market gap with a good selection of features and follow the best methodology to have small iterations each week.

Collaboration framework

It’s the way we work that sets us apart. Our business is based on relationships, and we work with a shoulder-to-shoulder approach – immersing ourselves in your business and working alongside you to create the best possible results.
Simultaneously, every project is unique and our approach always adjusts to clients’ specific needs.
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Attention to every detail

We step into your world, understand what you do and why, and collaborate to deliver exactly what you need. Everything we do is fully transparent and designed to create value for your business.

Lean Development

We implement the most important features first, and get continuous feedback from functional software to measure progress and reduce costs.

Continuous Communication

To achieve effective collaboration, we value open and daily interaction with our clients, making sure that the whole team is aligned and following the same path.

Quality Driven

Software built with quality in mind helps reduce costs and improves development efficiency. To achieve high software standards, we embrace testing as part of the delivered working software.

Agile Delivery

We incrementally build products to make informed budget decisions. Delivering software with short time scales also promotes sustainable development and maintains a constant pace.

Tech stack

Technology we work with

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ISO 27001 Certified

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PME Leader 2022

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Achieving desired goals

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“The BytePitch team integrated into our world incredibly fast. It constantly felt like we added four people to our in-house team.”

Paolo Fortelli

Head of Product, Finoa

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“The team at BytePitch is very reliable, responsive, honest and knowledgeable. That was the right choice for us, and we’d recommend them to anyone."

Matthew Schultz

CTO, FutureFit AI

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Project success stories

We make businesses grow

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Implementation of risk & decision-making automation processes with the end goal of reducing the time spent for a decision to be made coupled with high accuracy, towards aiding SMEs obtaining faster and cheaper loans.

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Our engineering team helped FutureFit AI build an innovative and elegant form builder with a friendly user experience that is easy to understand, create and fill. Using developed functions, the admin user can create a form with multiple questions and assign it to a specific end user to collect their answers in the most efficient way.

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