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We can work as an independent team, building the product you need. Using our unique methodologies we design a delivery plan according to your expectations. So you can focus on your business and leave the responsibility of technology solutions to us. 

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We work flexibly to your needs and fit into your business seamlessly. We can work as part of your existing software team, or act as your software department for you. We can scale up or down rapidly, and always adapt ourselves to fit your world – and help you to make it better. 

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The Value We Offer

We solve complex problems using technology. Whatever your problem or desired outcome, we will analyse it, design a scope of work according to your budget and propose a solution. We then immerse ourselves into your company to deliver the results you need. 

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Software Development

We provide polyglot feature development and application support

Software Architecture

We design and plan pragmatic applications and enterprise solutions

Infractructure Automation

We deliver software application deployments and infrastructure automation based on CI/CD practices

Software Revamp

We modernize legacy software and integrate it with recent technologies

Agile Processes

We set up development teams quickly and adopt processes to empower people and overall collaboration

Systems Scalability

We understand the business limits and scale the system accordingly using metrics and resiliency

See Us In Action

BytePitch provides staff augmentation for frontend and backend development and data science for a customer success platform. Quala integrated them as full team members.

The engineers participate in the daily standups, peer reviews, and meetings for estimation, planning, and architecture.

Extend Your Team

One Finance

Working as an extended team integrating the culture of the core development team based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Implementation and integration (backend and mobile app) of a Wallet and the Investment product into the main Carbon App (microservices architecture).

Product Lab

"The team at BytePitch was reliable, open, honest, and very knowledgeable. That was the right choice for us and I'd recommend them to anyone."

Astrid K. Dr. Holste, CEO

"The transparency around the pricing model and the level of technical and domain expertise was what we really liked about BytePitch."

Marc Seitz, CTO

"From day one BytePitch stepped into our world instead of making us step into theirs. It really felt like we added four people into our in-house team."

Emeka Mordi, COO

Why BytePitch?

People choose to work with us because of our culture. Our combination of technical experience and baked-in autonomy means that we're a creative, solution-focused powerhouse. And we deliver genuine value to our happy clients.