It’s the way we work that sets us apart. Our business is based on relationships, and we work with a shoulder-to-shoulder approach – immersing ourselves in your business and working alongside you to create the best possible results.  

We step into your world, understanding what you do and why, and collaborating with you to deliver exactly what you need. Everything we do is fully transparent and designed to create value for your business.

Our methodology so powerful because we give people the freedom to ask questions and explore different approaches. This makes them more engaged and enables them to come up with more creative solutions for you.

How We Work

Continuous Communication

To achieve effective collaboration, we value open and daily interaction with our clients.

Lean Development

We implement the most important features first, and get continuous feedback from functional software to measure progress and reduce costs.

Agile Delivery

We incrementally build products to make informed budget decisions. Delivering software with short time scales also promotes sustainable development and maintains a constant pace.

Quality Driven

Software built with quality in mind helps reduce costs and improves development efficiency. To achieve high software standards, we embrace testing as part of the delivered working software.



Cargonexx matches trucking demand and supply to create the most efficient road freight connections, benefiting shippers, carriers and the environment at the same time. With a new product planned for launch, BytePitch helped to ramp the development efforts by extending the project team with skilled engineering power and hands-on, getting-things-done mentality. Thus BytePitch designed and developed of the Intelligent System for the Pre-payments for the Cargo Companies, as well as implementing the full CI/CD and Architecture System.

Java 11SpringbootTypescriptAWS CDKAWS RDSAWS DynamoDBAWS Fargate

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Working as an extended team integrating the culture of the core development team based in Lagos, Nigeria. Implementation and integration (backend and mobile app) of a Wallet and the Investment product into the main Carbon App (micro-services architecture).

Java 8SpringMySQLRedisNode.jsJenkinsDockerJavascriptECS (AWS)RDS (AWS)

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Implemented an android application for AVEC kiosk Swiss Brand that helps the end user to shop easily using QRCode scans and online payments - .

JavaGradleScanditGoogle FirebaseAndroid SDKSAP fioriFace Recognition Android

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Enterprise Sales Optimisation and Big Data

Working as IT department and technical advisors for TwentyX Limited Startup. Architecture and implementation of the enterprise sales optimiser from the scratch, from the extraction data process, data processing and data modelling transformation, until the data visualisation (Responsive Web App)

SpringBoot (Java 8)MavenAWS Lambda FunctionsSQS (AWS)SNS (AWS)PostgresQLKafkaQuartz Job SchedulerReact.jsJavascriptDockerEC2 (AWS)RDS(AWS)

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Customer Success

BytePitch provides staff augmentation for frontend and backend development and data science for a customer success platform. Quala integrated them as full team members.

The engineers participate in the daily standups, peer reviews, and meetings for estimation, planning, and architecture. They’re always on the more important tasks for any project at any given time. For example, one area is an app that programmatically delivers insights to customers based on data coming into our system. BytePitch dove deep into understanding the shape of our customer data and figuring out how to come up with good insights from that.


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