Information Security Management Policy

The Management of BytePitch recognises the importance of identifying and protecting the organisation's information assets, preventing the destruction, disclosure, modification and unauthorised useof all information related to products, customers, employees, management strategy, suppliers and other information considered relevant.

Orientations lines:

  • Establish objectives that allow the Information Security Management System to be measured appropriately.

  • Ensure the identification and compliance with contractual, legal and regulatory obligations regarding information security.

  • Identifyandevaluateinformationrisksaccordingtoestablished criteria in the riskidentificationand assessment procedure, implementing measures for risks considered unacceptable.

  • Tofocusonmeetingclientrequirementsanddevelopingsecuresoftware supported by best practices.

  • Proactivelyinvolveemployees,suppliersandserviceprovidersinimproving ISMS performance.

  • Avoid the loss, tampering or unavailability of information considered critical by BytePitch.

  • Continuously improve ISMS performance.

Porto, January 18th, 2023

The CEO:

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