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Extend Your Team

We work flexibly to your needs and fit into your business seamlessly. We can work as part of your existing software team, or act as your software department for you. We can scale up or down rapidly, and always adapt ourselves to fit your world – and help you to make it better. 

How We Work

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Build Your Team

Whether you're looking to extend your existing in-house team or build an external one from scratch, our experts will seamlessly blend into your business, adopting to your culture and enhancing your capabilities.

We can be part of software development discussion meetings, and participate and actively contribute to product technology innovation.

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Get Work Done

We get things done. From day one we're ready to integrate into your projects with the methodologies needed, or even implement new ones like Scrum and Kanban, so you see results.

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Scale as You Need

We can ramp up a team in one or two weeks and scale up rapidly. This approach gives you the flexibility to grow your team's expertise and capacity temporarily when you need it, without the hassle, time and investment of expanding a permanent team.